About TIRhub.ca

Three organisations. One purpose.

Diabetes care is a complex landscape of continuous innovation with new treatments and new devices. Each advancement helps make a meaningful difference in the lives of people with diabetes, yet significant unmet needs remain.

Novo Nordisk, Abbott, and The diaTribe Foundation are all committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes, and we believe one of the most promising and important evolutions in the management of diabetes today is about something very simple, yet incredibly impactful—Time in Range (TIR).

TIR is a new approach to managing diabetes that can benefit both people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals. More than a parameter for evaluating glucose levels, TIR uses valuable information to better inform the management of diabetes at an individual level. It provides actionable insights that can empower people living with diabetes to take better control of their health and their future. TIR offers the power of insight into today to create positive change tomorrow.

Together we are joining forces to improve the lives of people living with diabetes by raising awareness and understanding of the importance of TIR as the emerging standard of care.